During my time living in New York City, I got to photograph several weddings — something I loved doing because of empathizing with the emotions that were playing. Nothing beats the beautiful feeling of two people committing to each other and their loved ones sharing all the emotions of the occasion with them. I want to explore this field more, and put my vision in service of any couple looking for an honest and passionate eye to tell the story of their happiest day. Most of my wedding clients have been same-sex couples, and I think the fact that I know how hard the quest for equality has been — and because I’ve been there myself — gives me a certain insight and complicity with the couples. While I love getting some good old-school, wedding-traditional shots of the couple posing, family group shots, etc., my biggest strength comes from my street photography/documentary work, and the ability to capture excellent candid moments of life — the true emotions that happen when there is no expectancy of a shooter being around to capture the image. So I’d love to offer any potential wedding clients that approach, combined with a more traditional one, to tell a richer, deeper, truer story of the events of the happy day and all its characters.