I forgot why or how I took my first candid photo of a stranger in the city. But what I remember clearly is how from the moment I arrived in New York City in 2006 — walking its streets, riding its subways and taxis, sitting at its cafes, and restaurants and visiting its monuments, parks, and hallmarks — I haven’t stop shooting since, in any city I may live or visit. I think of myself as an eternally curious observer of life and the human condition, and the streets are the perfect playground where all type of interactions, emotions and events happen. For the street work you see here, I follow my tagline “Look around you, and fall in love with tiny details” — and I advocate for a more ethical and empathic approach to street photography, that celebrates subjects and never undermines or ridicules them. To me, street photography is a perfect marriage to my journalistic side (capturing slices of life, that document the city of today) and my filmmaking sensibility (to play with the elements in the frame, using the city and the people as actors and stage to tell a story in one frame).