Fashion is illusion, creation — selling the idea of a goal, a dream, an attitude, an identity. And because of that, it’s one of the fields that can lead itself to benefit the most from a good storytelling approach. I firmly believe that a fashion company can help improve their branding and sales much more by identifying their ideal target user, and creating visual stories that feature the clothes in ways that resonate with that audience. That’s why a “lookbook” on white background can be so boring, and so is the idea of permanent perfection in fashion. Because of that, I’ve cherished the chances I’ve had to work with some young creative and fearless designers that are open to playing with a concept and exploring it with their clothes and models. I was invited to speak about that creative approach with my talk “Fashion is Your Story” at the Soho Apple Store (NYC) in 2014, right after The Sartorialist had shared the same stage.