Windows of Pride

Short Photo Essays

Last Sunday, while I was marching in 2014 NYC’s Gay Pride Parade, I often found myself checking at the windows and balconies of buildings along the route of the parade more than at the crowds that gathered on each side of the street.It was a fascinating exercise of watching the watchers, to observe those who celebrated and those who stared more in contemplative silence/loneliness at the party happening down from them. Some were oblivious to the camera, others even from far away spotted me walking in the parade pointing my lens towards them. Another interesting point was realizing how very few of those buildings with privileged views to the event actually had anyone in those windows. It made me wonder whether those who can afford to live along 5th Avenue all the way down to the West Village may have actually been downstairs marching or celebrating themselves as well, or if instead they had fled the city for their even more fabulous summer destinations.